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Cataract Surgery

Learn about the cataract surgery procedure, infections, side effects and cataract removal

Lasik Surgery

LASIK surgery is a quick and painless surgery and most people experience improved vision

Risks & Complications

Like any other medical procedure, there are some risks and complications involved with surgery

Eye Exercises After cataract

LASIK Surgery
Eye exercises recommended after cataract surgery.

Post cataract Surgery

Cataract Treatment
Guidelines to be followed after the cataract procedure.

Postoperative Tips for LASIK

after lasik surgery
Things to do and things to avoid after LASIK eye surgery

Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery

Eye Surgery Advice
Find out the major benefits of Laser eye surgery.

LASIK Complications

Loss of Vision

Most patients lose lines of vision on the vision chart.

Debilitating Visual Symptoms

Most patients develop halos, double vision, and glare that can seriously affect the nighttime vision.

Severe Dry Eye Syndrome

Patients may not be able to produce enough tears to keep eye moist and comfortable

Cataract Surgery Risks

As with any surgery, cataract surgery also has some risks. The most common risks are infection and bleeding.
The clouding of the back part of the capsule is also one of the surgery risks. Swelling of the retina is one of the potential risks, although this risk tends to disappear after a few weeks.